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About Us:


Servicing everyone online, GRE® Subject Exam Math Course is designed to help you score higher, plain and simple. The exam itself is going to test your knowledge and skill in a wide variety of mathematical subjects. But mere knowledge is not enough to ensure a good score. The exam is designed to make it difficult, if not impossible, to finish in the time allotted. To test higher, the test taker needs to know how to attack each problem, strategically and quickly.

The USA is home to some of the premier colleges and universities in the world. The standards for admission to these graduate programs are as high, so the students in the need to be better prepared for the GRE® Subject Math Exam. That is where GP Group comes in. Our GRE® Subject Exam Math Course is designed to do just that—at an incredible value.

The exam that you will be taking does not just test your knowledge in one area of mathematics. The GRE® Subject Math Exam tests a variety of areas, including Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Discrete Math, and many others. Therefore, our online prep course does not just cover one area.

We have designed a variety of modules to deal with the particular subjects where each individual student needs the most help. Instead of paying thousands for a survey course, and getting too much instruction in some areas and not enough in others, our online instruction methods allow each student to receive expert support and instruction in the areas where they need it most. This means that our students pay less and get more.



Our ETS’s GRE® Subject Exam Online Course allows anyone to prepare for the GRE® Subject Test in mathematics with just the right level of rigor.

The video lectures we provide with the course are as close to exhaustive as is feasible for a test prep review. We give you all of the information you need to either brush up on old material or fill in a gap—if it is covered on the test, it will most probably be covered in one of our video lectures. Each video modules is between one and two hours long. Depending on the complexity of the subject matter, each module contains between five and 14 smaller lectures on various topics.

We developed a course of incredible value. For a fraction of the cost of a conventional test prep class, our students get flexibility, practice tests developed by experts, and hours of lecture time. Our courses allow each student to approach the actual subject test with confidence.

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