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Testimonial By Prof. Karen E Smith (Associate Chair for Graduate Students, Math Department, University of Michigan):

The website offers a valuable resource for students planning to apply to graduate programs in mathematics and the mathematical sciences in the United States. The GRE® subject examination in mathematics is required by most departments for admission to graduate programs. The study course provided at offers clear, concise online lectures on all the topics tested on the exam in a well-organized series of modules. Students can complete just the modules they most need to review, or, given that the fast pace of the exam is often the main difficulty in achieving a high score, students can complete all the modules, where they will learn many useful tricks for getting through the problems quickly and accurately. also provides a series of practice test booklets that are formatted exactly as the actual test, allowing students to reproduce exam conditions to maximize the effectiveness of their preparation. In short, is an excellent way for students to prepare for the GRE® test, reduce stress related to exam taking and maximize their chances of success getting admitted to their dream school.

Testimonial By Prof. Amir Alexander (UCLA):


Every year thousands of aspiring mathematicians from the U.S. and beyond flood American universities with applications for graduate studies. Almost all of them are required to take the GRE® subject exam in mathematics, and the results are critical to their success. How well they do on this test could determine whether they will be admitted to the program of their choice, or even accepted at all.  Yet despite the high stakes, it is nearly impossible to find study materials for the test: there are no preparation courses, and only a single sample test is provided by the exam's administrators. How is one to study for this test, which could shape one's career for decades to come? 

Gilad Pagi and the GP group have the answer. Their website at offers a systematic study course for the Mathematics subject exam, the only one of its kind. In dozens of clear online lectures, filled with examples and study problems, the course covers all the topics included in the exam - from the calculus to analysis to algebra and beyond. A series of practice test booklets that precisely reproduce the content, format, and conditions of the actual test accompany the course. A student that has passed through this study course will go into the exam room confident and fully-prepared, and immensely improve his or her chances of success. 

If you are a student planning to take the GRE® subject exam in mathematics, take notice:  This is one course you cannot afford to miss.  


Prof. Amir Alexander




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